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How Amerind Sage Helps Food Truck Owners

Wisdom for Funding and Fulfillment

Get Working Capital for Your Food Truck Company

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Amerind Sage helps food truck owners succeed at every phase. We will help you get ready for a capital infusion, then advise you through every stage of business development, even from BEFORE the very beginning if you need it. Here are the six phases of our business advisory program:

Step 1

Business Builder

Your business needs to be fundable and grantable. Most business owners don’t know the preparations needed to be able to receive funding from banks, capital from investors, and grants from institutions. We’ll guide you through each step to get your company ready to receive the capital and recognitions it deserves.

Step 2

Credibility Builder

Your business needs a positive reputation to reach its highest potential. We will help you get the appropriate level of exposure with positive press, accurate and inspiring messaging, and public relations efforts that show your value to the community. Your business will have a head start in building legitimacy

Step 3

Impact Builder

Your company has a positive impact on society. We will connect you with organizations that help you maximize your social impact in three dimensions:

– Economic
– Environmental
– Community

Your ability to do good in the world will multiply with these connections!

Step 4

Tribe Builder

Even with the above systems built, connecting with your public is still a unique challenge. We will help you establish a solid following using only the most appropriate methods for your business, whether it’s social media, email marketing, paid advertising, or other methods. Your tribe building advisor will help you:

– Establish a brand voice
– Create and select branding materials such as logos, fonts, colors, shapes, soundmarks, and more
– Perform competitive research to leapfrog your competitors
– Dominate social media in your niches and connect with the groups and individuals who can multiply your audience the fastest
– Create and execute marketing campaigns while gauging effectiveness to optimize your returns

Once your crowd is built, you will be ready to execute successful crowdfunding campaigns to raise capital as your business grows and gains market share.

Step 5

Accountability Builder

By this point your company will look good on the outside, but it also needs to have strong fundamentals on the inside. We will provide whole-venture accounting help to make sure you don’t miss any big threats to your continued success. With our experienced accounting advisors, you’ll have total confidence in your financial statements, your representations to investors and donors, and your outlook for a bright and growing future.

Step 6

Amplitude Builder

In the Amplitude Builder phase, we will teach you practical strategies to employ the latest advancements in AI. Our seasoned team has been on the forefront of machine learning and language models since long before the current popular tools. From streamlining processes to enhancing customer experiences, our AI approach is geared to multiply your business potential. Amerind Sage looks forward to being your partner in achieving excellence through AI-driven innovation.

You're Ready.

If you see the value in any of the above steps, you’re ready to talk to an advisor here at Amerind Sage. We’ll find out which steps are next for you and get your company moving forward with an advisory team with a century of combined business experience.

Call (918) 200-8859 now for a free consultation with a business advisor.

There is no fee for the call and no obligation to sign up for services. We’re ready to help you make huge strides in your business, so call now.