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Step 2: We're Looking Forward to Your Appointment.

When we meet, you will tell us all about you and your business, see how our program works, and get a tour of the business credit portal.

Here’s how we welcome our clients into our credit program:

  • We will assess your funding needs and goals.
  • You will receive a personal tour of our business credit portal where program progress, and other key metrics are stored.
  • We’ll discuss the full Credit++ program and what you should expect including when to leverage the 3 primary funding strategies:
    • Business Credit: We’ll outline the pathway to acquire up to $50k at 0% interest in just six months – with no personal guarantee.
    • Business Grants: Learn how you can leverage your credit to secure $100k in free funding that you’ll never have to repay.
    • Business Crowdfunding: Discover how to scale your business into an automated AI powerhouse, capable of raising up to $200k in 12 months.
  • Finally we’ll go over Step 3 and how we’ll use our proprietary Amerind Sage AI model to create a custom 10-page funding roadmap for your business within 7 days.

Step 3: Your Roadmap

After your appointment, we’ll have enough information to build your roadmap, tailored to your business’ unique growth objectives.

This is a 10-page, whole-business strategy document containing every step along your credit development roadmap, explained in-detail to make your growth easy, fast and intuitive.  .

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