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Your Path to Business Success Starts Here

At Amerind Sage, we empower businesses from the ground up. Based in Atoka, Oklahoma, we recognize that many businesses need a stronger foundation to unlock their potential. Our suite of services covers proper business profile establishment, obtainment of business credit, grant research, writing, and management services, partnerships, and institutional funding as well as AI integration for rapid scaling and more. We don’t just help you secure funding, but also ensure diligent follow-up and rigorous accounting for sustained growth.

Our team works hand in hand with you, providing guidance and strategies tailored to your unique needs. With Amerind Sage, you gain more than a service provider – you gain a partner dedicated to solidifying your business foundation and fueling your ascent to success.

Jenni Schlosberg


We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

At Amerind Sage, we stand by our unwavering commitment to assist our partners in overcoming any obstacles that come their way. We believe in the limitless potential of your business and we’re dedicated to helping you unlock it. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of business credit acquisition, integrating advanced AI technologies, or devising robust marketing strategies, we’re here to guide you.

Our team of seasoned experts works tirelessly to ensure your business doesn’t just survive, but thrives, achieving spectacular results. With Amerind Sage, you’re not just acquiring a service, but a steadfast partner invested in your success.

Values we live by


Courage in Pursuits

Drawing from the native value of bravery, we possess a relentless passion for achieving results. At Amerind Sage, we boldly pursue our goals and overcome challenges to deliver outstanding outcomes for our partners.


Cycle of Growth

Embracing the indigenous principle of life as a continuous cycle of growth and learning, we are committed to constant improvement. We continuously refine our services and strategies to better serve our partners and their businesses.


Unity in Vision

Inspired by the native value of unity, we believe in merging our passion for results with a shared vision of success. We align our ambitions with our partners', working together to achieve remarkable results.

our partners trust us

Bob Baker endorses Amerind Sage

Bob Baker, MPH

CEO, 24 Our Care, LLC

The grant application that you did was spot on and should lead to government funding for the Tribal Nation involving broadband.

“I endorse your company and look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate on grants and funding.”

Michael McElyea

McElyea & Owens

We hired Jenni Schlosberg with Amerind Sage… to assist us with funding of our funeral home expansion. She has been readily accessible and work diligently with multiple sources to help us achieve our financial goals. Simply based on her responsiveness we would recommend her to others.

Mark at Turnspeed

Mark A. Johnson

CEO, Turnspeed, Inc.

Jenni and her team is so passionate about helping businesses and startups secure financing and getting them to the next phase of growth and we look forward to working with Amerind Sage for many years to come.

Eric N. Tatum

Cotton Station Holdings

“Our cannabis group hired Jenni Schlosberg of Amerind Sage to assist us with raising capital for our enterprise. She has been responsive, timely and has aggressively pursued not only financial partners, but has assisted us with vetting the offers and the potential partners. Additional, she has consistently introduced us to affiliated business we can work with to expand our vision and our opportunities. She has truly functioned as a member of our team and has been an asset. 

We confidentially recommend Jenni to anyone seeking hard and/or soft funding through third party lenders and/or equity investors.”

Tim Crain

Piranha Production Co

“Jenni proved to be a huge benefit to our team when trying to decide to invest in the Cannabis business in Oklahoma. Her willingness to put in the hours and effort anytime of day during the week or weekend to keep us informed and move the project forward we’re unrelenting. 

Making a nominal fee she never stopped putting forth a valiant effort to ensure we were always in front of the right folks to assess and evaluate the business opportunities. ”


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.